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20/20 Project

‘World Vision 20/20,’ a project that will place wells in remote villages in India, plant churches, and adopt “Favela Acari”--a slum of 90,000 people in Brazil.


Wells for Villages in India

Water gives life to everything, yet there are thousands of villages in India that do not have access to water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. Every morning, the village women and girls have to walk for miles to carry water home. In these villages, we want to drill a well at a church so that each day the people will get free, fresh water.  Since the inception of this project in 2012, Global Messenger Service has drilled and dedicated 112 wells in India!


Church Plants

Church planting allows us to partner with national leaders to help them reach the unreached people of their nations with the Gospel. Through identifying towns in dire need of a church, we have planted over 200 churches in nations around the world over the years. By planting 10 churches in regions of the world, we will leave a lasting legacy.


Adopt a Slum

Favela Acari is a slum of 90,000 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, controlled by drug lords and with a lack of basic life necessities. It is very dangerous and overcrowded; we’ve been warned not to go there, that we will not be safe. We must go there. In 2014, the World Cup was held in Rio de Janeiro followed by the Olympics in 2016. With these two massive events, there is an influx of available jobs for those who speak English. Favela Acari has an unemployment rate of 45%; if we can provide English lessons for the men and women of this slum, they can take advantage of the upcoming job opportunities. 


​We are developing a program to provide necessary English lessons and assist in drafting a well written resume. If we can help the men and women of Acari secure employment, they can begin to change the future of their families. In addition, we’ll engage the youth by providing academic and enrichment opportunities through tutoring, athletic coaching, sports clinics and music lessons. But, before all these programs can begin, we first must plant a church. By planting a church, we are building a community that empowers, inspires, and educates the people of Favela Acari.