COVID Relief for India

While the U.S. is opening back up and slowly recovering from the pandemic, India is being absolutely pummeled by the COVID-19 virus. What we watch on the news doesn’t even begin to cover the devastation and heartbreak they are experiencing. India has the worst COVID problem in the world right now. Every day, over 350,000 to 375,000 people are contracting COVID, and every day, tens of thousands are dying. There are no vaccines available and, when there are, they aren't free. People can't get oxygen or be admitted into hospitals, as every bed is full. We are receiving multiple emails, calls, and texts from our friends in India, pleading for help—help with burial expenses, help with the cost of food, help to pay for the vaccine...just help in general. Things are looking quite desperate, but when things are darkest, the Church has the opportunity to shine brightly. 

So we're asking our American friends, who are always so generous, can you help us help India?

First of all, please help us pray for these beautiful people. The Bible says, "The faithful prayers of a righteous man availeth much." They need our prayers now more than ever. And secondly, we ask that you partner with us financially to help intervene on behalf of these pastors, families, and individuals who are suffering and dying every day. 

Please help us help India by clicking on the donate button below; text "GIVE" to 314-222-0558; or call our office at 314-849-3232.  

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