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We have three wonderful boys who are in a word, ALL BOY! (We officially say that Sharon has four boys; she gave birth to three and one she married—me.) Greg is the oldest and works and lives in St. Louis, Mo. Tim is the middle son and lives and works in Roanoke, VA. He is the Administrative Pastor Church Alive International. Ben is the youngest and lives in North West Arkansas and works for J.B. Hunt.  ​We love sports. Our favorite teams are the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team. We watch them, we play like we were them, and we dress like fans should dress! Remember, I told you were are all boys. We have two wonderful and beautiful daughter-in-laws, Amy (Tim's wife) and Kourtney (Ben's wife) and they help balance the scales and add beauty to our family. We love them both dearly.  We have two beautiful granddaughters, Reagan and Lydia. Tim and Amy are the proud parents of Reagan Kaylee Smith. They also have three sons, Cole Judah, Isaac Houston and Miles Lincoln. Ben and Kourtney are the parents of Lydia Jo Smith. We love all of them and love to spoil them! Greg has one son and his name is Chase. He a bruiser of a boy! Gammy and Paw Paw (us), love all six of our grandchildren very much! I happen to be married to my first wife and she is the most beautiful woman in the world. We have now been married for 41 years and lovin it!

Steve started public speaking at the age of 13 years old, began full time ministry at the age of 18, and together with Sharon after they married since 1977. These opportunities and years have literally taken them around the world in a variety of roles. They have been affiliated and worked with Global Messenger since 1989. 

Steve’s transparent, practical and down to earth teachings are easy to understand as they hit home where people live every day. His humor is sprinkled throughout all of his messages as well.

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